Spiritual Silks

Spiritual Silks

While I was successfully working with businesses from finance to manufacturing over the last two decades, and earning a mid-career MBA, fashion design has always been my secret passion. When my business projects slowed down in 2014, and I was faced with a diagnosis of breast cancer, I decided to follow my passion. Combining my business acumen with my natural instinct for color and love for beautiful fabric, I created a luxury line of finely tailored outerwear for active women. Raised in Denver, CO, I am a fan of the great outdoors, my fluid pieces work as well in urban environments as in mountain resorts. They keep you warm and cozy, but make you feel “creativity stylish.”

Ed, my beloved partner for many years, was also engaged in every aspect of my fashion business. When he suddenly died in mid-2018, I was shattered by grief and grasping for strength. Again, I found comfort by surrounding myself with color and fabric and creating my Spiritual Silks scarf collection. 

A vivid reminder of the power of color and its affect on the happiness and health of the human spirit, the Spiritual Silks collection is instilled with the theme of the heart in each design, as it is the heart that holds all of one’s truths.

Truly moved by the intense color and beautiful lights in the inspiring works of Bereniche Aguiar, it is my goal to combine art and fabrics to evoke the powers of healing through color, stimulating the realization of one’s creative potential.


This breathtaking collection is comprised of seven intricately designed and handmade silk scarves that correlate with the individual elements of the Chakra System. This unique structure represents the wheels of energy throughout the body, corresponding to various nerve centers that, when blocked, can produce feelings of misalignment mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually. Each chakra is denoted by a specific function, characteristic and color, all illustrated in the Spiritual Silks collection.

Wrap yourself in true health and healing with one of the uniquely powerful scarves from this stunning collection.

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Strength is a heartfelt expression of life’s primal forces: passion and power. This unique design represents the Root Chakra, the first wheel of energy within the body located at the base of the spine, symbolizing the feelings of safety and survival as well as grounding oneself.

The red heart at the center of this beautiful design surrounded by flowing lines and colors represents the idea that if you learn to trust, you will have all of the support and resources that you need. Red, the primary color of the Root Chakra, embodies the feelings of energy, courage and the power of one’s will.

Select a scarf from this collection to stimulate feelings of safety, support and true delight.



Creativity is a graceful expression of the waves of creativity, free- flowing with no bounds. This vibrant design represents the Sacral Chakra, the second wheel of energy within the body located at the lower naval area, symbolizing fantasy, sensational feelings and flexibility.

The white heart surrounded by lush orange represents the idea that by opening your heart, you can truly create all that you see. Orange, the primary color of the Sacral Chakra, signifies true joy and fascination alongside creativity, determination and success.

Opt for a scarf from this collection to bring about feelings of creativity, enthusiasm and determination.



Desire is a playful illustration of the randomness of life, the impulsive, surprising, passionate and peaceful facets all wrapped up in one simple expression. This unique design is a reflection of the Solar Plexus Chakra, the third wheel of energy within the body located at the navel area, symbolizing intellect, personal power and one’s unique will.

The yellow heart within the design inspires one to take action in order to reach success. Yellow, the primary color of the Solar Plexus Chakra, represents clarity, joy and optimism alongside enlightenment and intelligence.

Choose a scarf from this collection to stimulate feelings of inspiration, potential and purpose.



Heart is a profound expression of courage, spirit and true compassion. This beautiful design represents the Heart Chakra, the fourth wheel of energy within the body located at the heart, symbolizing feelings of love, relationships, integration and empathy.

The green and purple hearts throughout the design embody the idea that with trust comes courage. Green, the primary color of the Heart Chakra, embodies life, renewal and the beauty of nature alongside growth, harmony, safety and fertility within the natural environment. This color is often used as a representation of financial resources, institutions and ambition.

Wear a scarf from this collection to stimulate feelings of compassion, integration of relationships and true love.



Communication is the embodiment of an expression of contact, interaction and connection. This breathtaking design is a reflection of the Throat Chakra, the fifth wheel of energy within the body located at the throat, symbolizing self-expression and communication.

The green heart surrounded by blue represents the notion to listen and you will hear what you need to know. Blue, the primary color of the Throat Chakra, symbolizes loyalty and strength alongside wisdom and trust. It brings about a calming effect on the psyche, much like the endless sky or flowing sea.

Opt for a scarf from this collection to stimulate feelings of openness, connection and an open dialogue.


Wisdom is a representation of one’s inner vision and the conjecture that the eyes are the windows to one’s soul, source of stimulation and the great beyond. This elegant design embodies the Third Eye Chakra, the sixth wheel of energy within the body located at the brow bone, symbolizing perception and inner wisdom.

The yellow heart wrapped in deep indigo within the pattern serve as a gentle reminder that answers come from within. Indigo, the primary color of the Third Eye Chakra, represents health, power and wisdom alongside integrity and sincerity.

Select a scarf from this collection in order to stimulate observation, intuition and understanding.



Spirit signifies a heartfelt expression of freedom, purity and unlimited possibilities. This striking piece represents the Crown Chakra, the seventh wheel of energy within the body located at the crown of the head, symbolizing the universal connection with spirituality and pure consciousness.

The white hearts surrounded by purple within the pattern remind one to be open to connection. Purple, the color of the Crown Chakra, represents royalty, luxury and power alongside awareness, spirituality and mystery.

Choose a scarf from this collection to stimulate feelings of unity, peace, devotion and independence.

Scarves are 36″ Square and Handmade in the USA of 100% Silk/Soie

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