Introducing the 2019 Collection and the Scarves of Colorful Healing Essence Collection

The 2019 collection was inspired by allowing creativity to fill my heart during a time of absorbing the sudden, painful loss of a loved one. I was also moved by my love for coats and the protection that they provide literally and figuratively to us all. Design changes such as pockets were made based upon customer feedback. I love the classic designs of the 50’s and 60’s; think Audrey Hepburn; sophistication and wholesomeness. This look never goes out of style and creates a sense of confidence for almost any woman. Basic colors provide a connection to nature, they are easy to wear and can enhance almost any wardrobe.

I am also pleased to present the Scarves of Colorful Healing Essence Collection. This breathtaking collection is comprised of seven intricately designed and handmade silk scarves that correlate with the individual elements of the Chakra System. Through this collection it is my goal to combine art and fabrics to evoke the powers of healing through color, stimulating the realization of one’s true creative potential.

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