Barbara Gallagher

Born in Philadelphia, PA and raised in Denver, CO, Barbara Gallagher loves the outdoors and has always had a passion for finely tailored outerwear, a natural instinct for color, and a love for beautiful fabrics. Her line caters to the woman on the move who appreciates high quality and luxury, and enjoys an active life style. Her pieces are perfect for urban environment or a mountain resort – from the sophistication of NY to LA, or somewhere in between, her collection can be worn across the globe. Her garments are both classic and forward thinking, and most significantly, they have a sense of movement with the purpose of keeping you warm and feeling creatively stylish.

Barbara’s business career has spanned multiple industries from finance to manufacturing, and has been fueled by a lifetime commitment to learning (which resulted in a mid-career MBA). Always the organizer and people person, she took several start-up companies from zero to fully operational business units with systems for finance, staffing, and marketing. But, throughout her life, her secret passion has always been fashion design.

In 2014, Barbara’s lead project management role with a start-up company came to a close. Within one month, she was also confronted with a breast cancer diagnosis, and she tackled both of these hardships as she does all things: head on, like another project. To nurture herself throughout the process, Barbara surrounded herself in what has always deeply inspired her, working with rich colors and natural fabrics to create exquisite women’s apparel, and at the same time, awaken creativity in others through her work. The experience caused her to reconsider her desires, and she realized that it was time to pursue the career she had long imagined for herself: Fashion Designer. Coming from an artistic family of seamstresses and a mother who modeled, this seemed only natural. Armed with talent, ambition, and the passion of an artisan, Barbara began her journey to create a line of beautifully designed women’s outerwear.

As the journey has unfolded and the brand has developed, Barbara has met many people and received unending support from family, friends, colleagues, and customers alike.  One of the most important of these connections was with her beloved partner of many years, Ed. Ed encouraged her, created business opportunities for her, and was engaged in every aspect of the process. In July of 2018, Ed passed away suddenly. Barbara found herself shattered by grief and grasping for strength.  As with cancer and the sudden job loss, Barbara found her inspiration by honoring her creativity, surrounding herself with color and fabric, and continuing to produce new designs and concepts.

Barbara resides in Bethesda, MD with her two beloved Shih-Tzus, Herschel and Honey.

A Tribute to My Mother

My mother and I shared the same name; Barbara Marie Gallagher. Both born in Philadelphia, PA, we shared a love for cities, fine clothing, anything beautiful, and of course, my dogs, Herschel and Honey. My mother modeled as a young woman and I later followed suit with my innate interest in the fashion industry. It was frustrating as a child to share our name as I was called Barb or Bobbie, and only Barbara if I was in trouble for something I did wrong. I always just wanted to be Barbara…. My mother passed away in September, 2016, in the midst of my clothing line development. I am now, Barbara Gallagher. Thanks mom, for your guidance, your love, and your care, and for giving me the name, Barbara.

Press & Publications

Base Jumping: Step Up Your Layers – red cape published in Park City Magazine, Editorial Style Guide, 12/8/2018
Stylist – Farasha Style
Photographer – Manic Project
Hair and Makeup – Paula J. Dahlberg
Model – Hannah T at Niya Models

Sensational Silk Scarves to Excite the Eyes and Soothe the SpiritSpiritual Silks featured on Fab Over 50, 10/17/2019

Inspirational Speaking

Join Barbara  for her compelling story: Honoring your Passion through Adversity 
We are living in a new and unfamiliar environment that feels unsettling, but we can empower ourselves to learn from those who have faced hardships and glean nuggets of wisdom for the challenges we are all personally and some professionally, encountering at this most profound time.  Join Barbara as she tells the story of her life’s experiences navigating through re-locating from Denver, CO to Washington, DC, job loss, cancer and death of her partner, and her unique process of following daily rituals, her creative passion, and forming human connections to build a sustaining foundation to endure the many uncertainties of life and thus finding hope.
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